Khia, who is briefly mentioned in the About section of this website, arrives early in the story. She is not an elf though her ears and visage may appear so. In Palandar, the folklore pertains to only the peoples of the world of Palandar. In time this will become more apparent, as the characters develop so too shall new backgrounds be unveiled.Daynon, seen in the Previews section, is training with his faithful companion Ba'kull. Daynon soon encounters Khia, and their journey along with Ba'kull and several more companions begins. Although Daynon is still young, he has the heart of a warrior and his courage will soon be put to the test.Ba'kull, also seen in the Preview of chapter 2, is mentoring young Daynon in combat. Ba'kull is a Half-breed, part fabled Susque and wild man. More on his lineage will be revealed in time. He is a large burly sort, wild yet well taught in the ways of men.
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